Trump’s Former Sanctions Chief Joins Major Crypto Chainanalysis

The former treasury undersecretary for financial analysis and terrorism under Trump’s regime Sigal Mandelker has decided to join the major cryptocurrency brand called Chainanalysis. Chainanalysis is a bitcoin analytics company, and Sigal Mandelker has also decided to work for the board of advisors for the newly emerged crypto brand.

This step by Mendelker is called the first major public work by her after she left the Treasury Department under President Trump’s regime. The chainanalysis is a company that works with major cryptocurrencies. Some of the major cryptocurrency analysis used by them includes bitcoins, etherium, XRP nad 96 others.

About Chainanalysis

Chainanalysis is a company that provides analytics and reports about cryptocurrencies and blockchain data to government agencies, exchanges, and financial institutions in more than 40 nations. The comprehensive knowledge and insights provided by the company help customers to get a better idea about the cryptocurrencies and bitcoins they can invest in.

The Buzzword

Joining Sigak Mandelkar is also seen as a changing trend as people who were regulating and overseeing these works earlier are joining it as a part of management. Mendelkar has joined the company as part of an as-needed basis, and she will help the company with insights and knowledge that she gained as undersecretary in Trump’s regime.

As per the sources, Mendelker opined that Chainanalysis is working towards building better relationships with both the private sector and government sector, and it will certainly change the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

When Mendelker was working in the Trump regime, she oversaw the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). You will be surprised to know that Medndelker has got her big success by using digital currencies to illicit activities in 2008. She was involved in the conviction of the director of a pre-blockchain digital currency company. The case was in buzz because the company launders funds to buy child pornography.

Joining Mandeleker to Chainanalysis is seen as a significant step towards the boost of digital currencies in the near future. However, Chainanalysis has not revealed its recent revenue. But, in 2018, it had generated almost $8 million of revenue.

The company pays full attention to ensure that cryptocurrency firms comply with anti-money laundering activities.

The company has the mission to focus on the best interest of the customers, and they are looking forward to landing on the Forbes list of Next Billion-Dollar companies. With the joining of Mandelker, this dream of the company will be fulfilled soon.

Chainanalysis is also expanding its series B to $49million. The company had already raised $36 million last year. The major venture capital firm Ribbit has also invested $13 million inChainanalysis. It is also being reported that Mendelker was already a part of the Ribbit firm, and she joined as a general partner in 2020.

Looking at all these recent news and buzz, it can be said that Chainanalysis is moving towards big gains in the upcoming future. Mendelkar’s addition to Chainanalysis will also improve the cryptocurrency environment and loopholes surrounding it.

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